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Licensed Psychotherapist
San Francisco and Oakland

I provide psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and couples. My focus is working with anxiety, PTSD and trauma, relationship difficulties, creative blocks, and issues specific to the LGBT+/Queer community.  



Individual Psychotherapy

The decision to seek individual therapy often occurs when one is feeling stuck and unable to move forward in one way or another. I offer a safe and judgment free space to work through the deeper dynamics that may be holding you back from a life of more freedom and creativity. I work from a depth oriented approach. This type of therapy not only addresses immediate issues, but strives to foster long term growth through expanding emotional capacities. This process is meaningful for both the client and therapist, with clients often discovering new levels of creativity, awareness, and resilience in times of stress. 


Couples Therapy

I provide therapy for both non-monogamous and monogamous couples looking to enhance their relationship, or work through longer standing issues. Some common couples challenges I work with include: Unsatisfying emotional or physical intimacy, communication challenges, high conflict, effects of childhood trauma, parenting concerns, negotiating non-monogamy or monogamy, as well as an inability to end the relationship. I also work with couples who feel they are in a relatively stable and satisfying place, but wish to enhance or explore their emotional or physical connection. Feel free to contact me to hear more about my work with couples. 

Therapy for Adolescents 

Adolescents require a unique therapeutic approach. A session with a teenager might include discussing music or working on an art project. Working with adolescents requires both a gentle sensitivity as well as a thick skin, something they themselves are in the midst of developing. I work to build a strong rapport with adolescents while giving them the room they need for self-expression. I incorporate the use of expressive arts with talk therapy, and include parent or family sessions when needed. I have successfully worked with adolescents who are struggling with social anxiety, panic attacks, depression, family conflict, trauma, self harm, and issues around sexuality and/or gender. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a unique way to explore how you relate to others in a safe environment. It is a vehicle for discovering what is often referred to in pop-psychology as 'triggers'. Becoming aware of your unique emotional 'triggers' can help you relate to others in more grounded and mature ways. In the space of a facilitated group, participants are encouraged to practice speaking their truth, and receive feedback on the impact of their words and actions. Group work can be challenging at times but also deeply meaningful and fun. Please contact me to discuss current group therapy offerings.


Contact Me

I am currently only offering virtual therapy, but will resume in-person sessions when it is safe to do so.


Feel free to call or email for a free 15-minute phone consultation.


2220 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA



Tel: 415-553-5468

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