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Areas of Focus


Whether you suffer from panic attacks, nervousness in social situations, or chronic worry, anxiety can interfere with your quality of life and prevent you from taking risks. I take an integrative approach to anxiety, which means we will explore both the underlying root causes, and help you cope with day-to-day experiences. Although a certain level of anxiety is a normal part of life, the goal is to make it more manageable and less overpowering. I provide a safe, gentle, and patient environment to discuss and work through anxiety.

PSTD and Trauma

Post traumatic stress occurs when one does not have adequate emotional support following a trauma. This can manifest as daily anxiety, flash-backs, insomnia, depression, or addiction to name a few. Together we will gently work towards restoring a sense of empowerment through understanding your unique experience. This process is deeply personal and looks different for each person. I work with people who have experienced a variety of traumatic experiences including: sexual abuse, spiritual/religious trauma, domestic or community violence, and cultural or race-related trauma.  

Relationship Difficulties

As social creatures we seek satisfying and fulfilling relationships. Yet relationships can be confusing, frustrating, and stir up old wounds. The state of ones close relationships, or lack there of, can be a major source of stress, and the stakes can feel high. Psychotherapy helps unpack relational difficulties to gain a better sense of the underlying dynamics at play. We will work together to gain awareness around repetitive patterns that may not be working, as well as make room for working through old wounds. The relationship between client and therapist is often quite instrumental in helping to understand and work through relationship difficulties. 

LGBTQ+ Community

I also specialize in working with issues around gender and sexuality. I offer a safe and nurturing environment to explore your unique gender and sexual expression. LGBTQ+ folks have historically been pathologized by the mental health field, and I am passionate about offering a radically different approach. Whether you are exploring your sexual orientation, gender, or simply want a therapist who understands issues specific to the LGBTQ+ community, I may be a good fit. I have experience running groups for Queer and Trans adolescents and young adults throughout the Bay Area, and specific training in supporting clients move through the spectrum of gender expression.

My Approach

​My style can be described as creative, warm, honest, and direct when needed. 


I draw from a variety of approaches including contemporary psychoanalysis, feminist, and attachment-based theories. I am committed to a treatment approach that takes into account your unique social and cultural background while also exploring and nurturing your unique voice and self-expression. 


Over the course of therapy, we will begin to unravel aspects of your past that may be unprocessed and creating distress in your present life. We will explore repetitive patterns that are no longer serving you, as well as look towards your future visions and goals. 

To learn more about my approach, call or email to set up a free 10 minute phone consultation.


My Approach
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